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Artist of the Elements




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Welcome to the page of Belizean artist and art instructor Marco Antonio Aguilar.  Here you can view artwork, upcoming teaching seminars and theatre events for this fine artist, art instructor, actor, director and choreographer.  Based in Los Angeles, California, Marco's lessons offer unique art & design in the acrylic medium


Painting The Elements

This all started with a gallery telling me that I needed a signature "thing".  I asked several friends, "What's my thing?," and the answer was always the same: "You're really good at painting The Elements: water, fire, clouds, light. Oh, and animals"  I decided to follow this broad term of The Elements, because I didn't want to box myself into one genre. I'm an artist who just loves to paint, no matter what it is. I love observing nature in all forms: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Glass, Light, and Metal.  My challenge for myself is to try to paint The Elements in all forms and try to recreate them with paint.  Water and Light are my main focus, but I also love expressing myself through all forms of nature including clouds, rocks, waves, trees, and metal. My other love is painting fins, feathers and fur. So there will always be a large collection of wildlife paintings in my collection, further cementing my connection to nature. 


About the Artist


Marco grew up in the small Caribbean nation of Belize. He cannot remember a time when he was not involved in something creative, and has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil. Marco studied art at St. John’s College, and it was there that he fell in love with the acrylic medium. In Belize, he painted numerous tropical scenes and wildlife paintings, including a mural in the library at St. John’s. After graduation, Marco moved to California to try his hand at acting and quickly became a fixture in Antelope Valley theatre and has performed in many local productions there and in the Los Angeles area. A true renaissance man, Marco has also won multiple awards for acting, directing, choreography and set design. For several years, while studying everything from acting, to commercial singing, to various styles of dance, painting took a back seat. It was not until he was “volunteered” to help paint a backdrop for a local theatre production that the fire was rekindled. The scene was an English garden with blue skies and billowy clouds. Constant compliments from the cast and crew made Marco re-evaluate his lost art form and he found himself once again putting brush to canvas.

Marco Antonio’s current painting style focuses on The Elements. He has developed it through years of experimentation and observing other great artists and their techniques. He admits to being impatient and likes to work in acrylic for its speed more than anything else. He uses the play of light, shadow and texture to create playful wildlife portraits, as well as, land and seascapes that capture the imagination. He also loves painting still life, recreating the textures, with unique lighting and perspective.

“I love the play of light, shadow and texture,” Marco says, “I remember diving the barrier reef of Belize as a teenager and being fascinated with the shafts of light that illuminated the valleys of coral. Being a true water sign, Pisces, I have loved the sea and movement of water since childhood so my first instinct was to focus on water. This has now evolved into all elements, natural and man-made. I use my theatrical background as reference for the dramatic lighting that seems to be the general theme in all my work. Like a director of the stage, I often imagine the beams of light as theatre lights, illuminating these scenes and directing the viewer to look at highlighted areas in the painting.”

Marco’s collectors range from the United States to his native, Belize to Australia to Europe.  Through his artwork, Marco aspires to focus public awareness on the Earth’s natural beauty and the need for global conservation.

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